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[Explore Ginza - NFT Gallery] #09 Showcasing 10 Works Themed Around Women!

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

This week we continue our series with the third instalment of artworks from our 3rd Open Call. We're thrilled to present 10 pieces this week, all centred around various representations of women.

Each artwork is accompanied by descriptions in English, Japanese, and Chinese from the creators themselves, allowing us to delve deeper into the intentions and themes behind each piece.

You can explore each of these artworks at the Ginza NFT Gallery. Access it by tapping the button on this page or scanning the XPAND Code. Importantly, all the artworks featured this week are located in Room 9.

This week's collection is another wonderful selection of creativity. Immerse yourself in each piece's world and discover the new perspectives and emotions they evoke.

Join us again next week as we continue to showcase new pieces in the Ginza NFT Gallery. Stay tuned!


The Shepherd's Bride


The day of the wedding. Surrounded by colorful flowers, what will she think? What do her eyes, which still have a childish look in them, see?


Rabbit Plush in Memories


Stuffed rabbit with memories.


Black Fairy and Nome Tejimo


This is the work to celebrate the first anniversary of my NFT activity. The work is owned by Mu (@mu_coin).


cherry blossom



the Armed Garden Team Mirabilis × Calendula


The Armed Garden. The NFT is based on the concept of fighting maidens belonging to the military organization "Garden", and each theme color has its own group and characteristics. This time, the NFT is composed of pink "Yuukake-tai" (ranger squad) and yellow "Kinjunbana-tai" (electronic equipment squad).


Happy Chic

Konoka Fukami

I am producing "Nouns Girl," a girl who personifies Nouns. This time, we produced a bright and cheerful girl with glasses derived from her.


CoolGirl Campers #001


Cool Girl Campers is a secondary collection of CoolGirlNFT with the theme of "CoolGirl x Camping". Illustrated by Japanese illustrator NORI. Marketing is handled by Japanese marketer KOTARO and YUKI.


can't reach this hand


The work expresses fragile and sad feelings to the full. The girl's name is Elpis, an artificially created half cat and half human. She is also the first successful chimera, so there is no other cat-human half like herself. She spends her days with the eyes of those around her and words that make her want to cover her ears. "Music is my solace and salvation. I just want to live freely, letting the sound take over. Even if it doesn't come true..." I paid a lot of attention to the colours and expressions to bring out her feelings in Elpis. I hope many people will get to know her.


Ramen girl


On the way home after a bad day at work, I stumbled across an old but lively ramen shop. When I ate delicious ramen to my heart's content, I thought, "It's okay," despite the painful events that happened today. Ramen was originally a Chinese dish, but it is a dish that has undergone a unique evolution in Japan. There are various types of ramen, such as miso, soy sauce, salt, and tonkotsu. She is eating tonkotsu soy sauce ramen. A hearty dish topped with a large roasted pork fillet.


Wanna be like a Rainbow


A girl who was plain, quiet and had no self-confidence wanted to change herself, so she boldly arranged and colored her hair.



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