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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #10 Final Set of 3rd Open Call: 10 Character-themed NFTs!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly treat, the Ginza NFT Gallery. This week marks the fourth and final introduction of our third open call submissions, and the gallery is brimming with charming character-themed NFT artworks that will surely bring joy and relaxation to viewers.

For this edition, we're excited to present 10 of the submissions received. With detailed descriptions provided by the creators in English, Japanese, and Chinese, we're bringing you a taste of the creative fervour and passion of artists from around the globe.

The NFT artworks introduced this week are displayed in Exhibition Room 10. To access the Ginza NFT Gallery, simply click on the button on this page or scan the XPAND Code. We're looking forward to your visit.

With this, we conclude the presentation of the third open call artworks. Starting next week, we will begin introducing the fresh and exciting works from our fourth open call. We appreciate your continued support for the Ginza NFT Gallery. Please enjoy this unique blend of art and technology.


Candy #066


"Candy #066" is one of the works in "End of food", a collection of foods that can be eaten from now on. The concept is that even if you have allergies or are on a diet, you can freely choose and eat the foods in this collection. Creator Chui also donates to children fighting childhood cancer and other serious illnesses.


Magic ice cream float


Magic ice cream float. Make you happy with good magic.


paparon collection #017

mirakuru momoka

Bear Macarons love to make and eat sweets!




Introducing "SHIBA-WAN," a Shiba Inu from the beloved "OCHA-WAN" series known for cute dogs inside teacups! SHIBA-WAN brings various forms of comfort, jumping out of the teacup to deliver happiness and healing! In this first installment of the sweet series, we present a delightful and delicious treat. #0 features the original OCHA-WAN version that inspired SHIBA-WAN.




The doggy's paws smell fragrant popcorn! Kawaii collaboration♪ of doggie, simple butter flavored popcorn. KOTA, my beloved son, was the reason for creating “TOY-WAN”.


ma-me #10


The rabbit "ma-me" has ears in the shape of coffee beans. He is resting on a pudding.


Mikan Neko #50 Maneki Neko's Mikan Neko


I tried to imitate a cat that I had at home. Did I do it well? (From my diary on November 19)


Surely tomorrow ...



dumplings rather than fireworks


Enjoying the fireworks and the fair! But then I realized I was a foodie who was crazy about the food at the stalls.


melon cream soda bear


My body melted.



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