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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #14 Final 4th Open Call - 11 Female-Themed NFTs

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This is our final round of introducing featured works from the 4th open call. This time, we have a special selection of 11artworks, all centred around the theme of "womanhood".

These works come with descriptions provided by the creators themselves in English, Japanese, and Chinese, each uniquely expressing the beauty, strength, and mystique of women. A rich variety in the portrayal of women can be strongly sensed through this collection of works.

To fully appreciate these featured pieces, we recommend viewing them directly. This can be done by either tapping the "Ginza NFT Gallery" button or scanning the XPAND Code to access Room 14.

From next week, we will begin introducing the selected works from the upcoming 5th open call. Stay tuned for emerging talents from the NFT art world that we are eager to spotlight.

Looking forward to seeing you next week!




What is "rumination?" Recalling negative events or unpleasant images over and in over again. The trivial but recurring (and perhaps comical to others) anxieties and fears of everyday life. I expressed the ruminating images in my brain with the horns of a goat (ruminant), flowers (allegory of their fragility and death along with beauty and fertility), and delicacy by drawing in lace and organdie, which can easily get damaged if not handled with care.




The image of a dignified adult woman lost in thought is depicted with bright flowers and butterflies.


kimono day and hanabi


The use of FF6000 and the Bitcoin logo in 着物デーと花火 is to mark the events cumulating from crypto Twitter between Q2 and Q3 2023. The pinnacle of such events is recorded on block 17429835 as a tokenized mint on the ETH blockchain. It has forever been memorialized just in time for summer, when it is entirely possible for the sun to remain out as late as 2200. In such an event, hanabi can be displayed while the ambience remains true orange rather than common depictions of tomarikon in anime.


The Beauty and The Bass


On summer days, whenever I go to the riverbank at sunset, I always see a beautiful woman playing a bass. I saw her two days ago, yesterday, and even today. She plays the bass with such joy that she forgets about time.




「♡ is courage」〜You must have the courage of your convictions〜 😈Kozamaru is somewhere in this picture😈 Hint: Today's outfit is this T-shirt. By ryun-ryun


Tenderness and elegance


This nft is inspired by the Impressionists and the Regency period.


HAKURO Genesis #74



Moon Girl

Sofia Eyre

Meet Moon Girl, she's here to protect your dreams and make them colorful...


KimonoGirl-Lovers #017


"Look, look! It's a heart-shaped soap bubble♪" she says happily. If she stares at me with a face like that, I'll be speechless.


Interior Flower Girls #001


I aimed to create art that blends into your room just like flowers and houseplants. It is designed to be easily displayed as a physical piece of art, much like an interior decoration.




BLUECHIP-Especial|BC's special collection of single pictures. This series hints at the background, past and future of important scenes and characters in the story.



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