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About Us

Shaping the Future of Connectivity

Our goal is to revolutionise the way people connect with the world. To achieve this, we have developed the XPAND Code, a technology that transforms the connection between physical spaces and digital information.

Company Profile


5th floor, Ginza Fugetsudo Bldg., 6-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku
104-0061 Tokyo, Japan

Established: 19 September 2017

Capital: JPY 23.1 million

Shareholders: Higashimatsuyama Fund, private investors, founder

Intellectual Property Rights: patents, trademarks, design patents, and PCT filed

Representative: Founder CXO NANMOKU Toworu


2017 Established (independent from Ginza Design of Communications)

2018 Capital increase through a third-party allotment to Higashimatsuyama Fund as the underwriter, and fundraising through the application of a 'capital loan' from the Japan Finance Corporation.

2019 Selected as an exhibitor at the IFA Next Japan Pavilion opened by METI Japan/JETRO; thereafter, XPAND World Tour commences due to the selection of numerous public applications for overseas expansion.

2022 Raise funds through Fundinno, Japan's largest equity investment crowdfunding platform, through a third-party allotment to private investors.

Unlock the Potential of a Smart Society

The cornerstone of our business is our in-house developed linking tool, "XPAND Code", which coexists with QR codes and addresses their challenges. XPAND Code is an innovative fusion of functionality and aesthetics, boasting an elongated shape and adaptable colour scheme that seamlessly blend with landscapes and object designs. Furthermore, its impressive reading range enables scanning from up to 200 metres away.

The XPAND Code platform offers both free and paid versions, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for users. The paid version provides the added advantage of modifying the URL of the set link at a later stage. Moreover, we have secured a patent for collaboration with NFT technology, demonstrating its strong compatibility with Web3.

To make it easier for users to access XPAND Codes, we also offer installation-free reading apps such as App Clips. Our reading app has been recognised for its exceptional quality, winning the Asia Smart App Awards 2021.


Additionally, we provide technology and design consulting services, drawing on our expertise in merging design and technology, which underpins our technical foundation.

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