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Linking the Physical and Information Worlds

Connecting objects and spaces in the physical realm with the internet and blockchain in the digital domain, to craft the ultimate user experience.


Starting with the development and operation of XPAND Code, a tool that links the physical world and the information world, we provide services that fuse design and technology.


Beginning with the development and implementation of XPAND Code, a tool bridging the physical and digital realms, we offer services that seamlessly integrate design and technology.

XPAND Linked

We develop, manufacture, and market products connected to smartphones utilising XPAND Code.

3D/AR Museum

It is a service and platform enabling users to experience 3D models and AR by reading items featuring XPAND Codes and QR codes.
We offer the "Wow 3D Museum", which utilises digital biological specimens.

Technical and Design Consulting

We deliver technical consulting focused on web technology, contributing to the digitalisation and streamlining of operations.

Additionally, we provide design consulting for products and brands.

In conjunction with the integration of technology and design, we also support the safeguarding and utilisation of intellectual property.

Integration of Design and Technology

Combining design and technology from inception to launch, crafting aesthetically pleasing and functional products.


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