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Are you interested in hosting your private event in the heart of Tokyo?

We are experts in Ginza, Tokyo's prime location, and specialize in planning and hosting events that fully leverage digital technology.


We offer specialised event planning and management services. Leveraging our digital-native planning and development prowess, production skills recognised with international awards in app and industrial design, and the operational strength of our global team, we specialise in creating memorable experiences for medium-sized events ranging from 200 to 500 square metres, rapidly. Explore the distinct features of our event planning and management support services.

Specialised in Medium-Sized Events Ranging from 200 to 500 Square Metres

Focused on Rapid, Short-Term Event Launches within 3 to 6 Months

Specialised in Hosting in Tokyo's Premium Area, Ginza, and Central Tokyo

Focused on Accessible Locations in Urban Commercial Facilities Rather Than Exhibition Facilities

Strong International Capabilities with our Global Team

Award-Winning Creative Design in Industrial Design and Apps

Unique Digital-Native Planning for Startups


Companies wanting to set up a private show or a short-term store in the heart of Tokyo.

Companies seeking engagement with Japanese businesses or individuals for market development in Japan.

Companies related to product sales, art, architecture, transportation, OOH, and other fields that synergise with our products.

If you have popular products or a list of leads as a means of attracting customers, we can be of service. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

Our services are particularly ideal for the following cases. Please feel free to consult with us:

Success Story

Digital Arts and Creatives Festa Ginza

In this event, the fusion of digital technology and art offered a new experience to all visitors.


Don't have a partner in Japan? Don't worry. We provide the following one-stop services necessary for your event:

  • Event design

  • Venue selection and contract procedure support

  • Arrangement of hosts and performers

  • Equipment arrangements

  • Venue set-up

  • Coordination of operational staff

  • Providing payment methods for merchandise sales

  • Implementation of digital technology

  • Space design and construction

  • Design and production of printed materials and novelty goods

  • Website and app design, development, and production

  • Support for mutual translation and information dissemination in English, Chinese, and Japanese











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