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Digital Arts and Creatives Festa Ginza

Where Tech Meets Creative: A Two-Day Experience in Ginza, Tokyo

The fusion of "Tech" like Generative AI, AR, and NFT with creative fields is rapidly increasing the allure of products and experiences.

While "Creative" often evokes art and design, it now encompasses all activities that generate new products and services.

"Digital Arts and Creatives Festa Ginza" offers an accessible and fun platform to experience these new trends, right from the heart of Ginza—Japan's hub for refined culture.

Beyond art and design, the event showcases the intersection of tech with a broad spectrum of fields including music, entertainment, sports, agriculture, and healthcare.

Using cutting-edge tools like XPAND Code and the AR platform "HERE Museum," you'll get a glimpse of a future where the physical and digital worlds merge.


Ginza NFT Gallery 2023 Autumn

A cutting-edge gallery featuring selected digital art from public submissions. Experience art in AR using XPAND Code!

Our "Featured Creators" section showcases multiple works, all viewable in AR. Snap photos of your favourite art anywhere, even on Chuo-dori Ave!

Ginza Glass View Stage

A stage set against the backdrop of Chuo-dori Ave, featuring a white grand piano by Yamaha!

Enjoy a variety of performances, including talk shows, workshops, and artist-led stages.

Don't miss the high-level performances by award-winning "Super Kids."

Ginza Creative Market

A marketplace with a creative twist, offering everything from creator goods to rare gourmet treats!

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  • Tickets are available on Peatix. Same-day tickets can also be purchased at the reception. The cost for a same-day ticket is JPY 888 if paid via PayPay and JPY 1000 if paid in cash.

  • The ticket is valid for one day, allowing unlimited entry and exit.

  • Preschool children are free of charge.

Advance Tickets: JPY 777, Same-Day Tickets: JPY 888 / 1000


2F event space of Kirarito Ginza


7th and 8th October 2023

11:00-20:00 JST

Event Date:

Located facing Ginza chuo-dori Ave., which will be a pedestrian-only zone during the event, turning the area in front of the venue into a bustling plaza.

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