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[DAC Festa Ginza Report] Creative Talk - Photography x Poetry x NFT - The World of Lyrical Photograp

On the 7th October, from 15:00, an event titled "Photography x Poetry x NFT - The World of Lyrical Photos" by ARAI Saori was held.

Saori, alongside her career as a talent, has been showcasing her artwork through a technique called "Lyrical Photo," which merges photography with poetry. She hosted a successful solo exhibition at the Peacock Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo, in August.

For this particular event, she created new pieces and unveiled them at the venue.

On stage, she passionately discussed her approach to creating Lyrical Photos, her new works, and her exploration into digital sales by linking these artworks with NFTs as an innovative venture.

Following the presentation, she personally introduced the exhibited works to the attendees. As a novel feature, she demonstrated a system where, via the XPAND Code attached to the artworks, attendees could access her narrated audio through their smartphones.


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