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Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo Now Featured on Google Street View and Google Earth

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a delightful addition to Google Street View and Google Earth: the captivating photograph of Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo. This significant development means that even if the Jizo is removed from its physical location, it can still be experienced virtually from anywhere in the world through Google Map and Google Earth.

The Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo, situated in the heart of Tokyo's Ginza district, was originally scheduled to be removed at the end of October. However, due to adjustments in the construction schedule, it remains in place for a little while longer. We encourage those in Tokyo to seize this unexpected opportunity to see the Jizo in person.

Moreover, beneath the Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo is an XPAND Code, which offers an interactive experience. By scanning this code, visitors can enjoy augmented reality (AR) features. We highly recommend experiencing this unique blend of tradition and technology.

Do not miss the chance to witness this iconic piece of Ginza, both in person and through the wonders of digital technology!


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