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Connected Pole Ads Debut in Tokyo's Premium Ginza District! Introducing Recommended Spots in East Ginza in English, Japanese, and Chinese!

We offer a service called "Connected OOH," which encompasses targeted areas through the integration of Out-Of-Home advertising and smartphones. A part of this service, "Connected Pole Ads," has now been launched in Tokyo's Ginza area. This is the first time such pole ads have been installed in Tokyo.

Despite the increasing trend of utility pole removal, East Ginza remains one of the few areas where poles still exist. This area, stretching north and south of the Kabuki-za Theatre, was historically known as "Kobikicho" and still retains this name in some facilities and roads, adding historical value to the region. Recently, in 2023, it became the setting for a novel that won a prestigious Japanese literary award, bringing the area into the spotlight.

Ginza Fanyi, based in Ginza, specializes in supporting multilingual information dissemination for businesses, primarily in English and Chinese. Their advertising aims to enhance the visibility of Ginza's businesses and stores. Simultaneously, by introducing recommended spots in the Kobikicho area in English and Chinese, their goal is to enable visitors to enjoy the region more deeply through the Connected Pole Ads.

When scanning a QR code with the standard camera on an iPhone - it can be easily scanned by getting closer.

When scanning an XPAND Code with a compatible app (XPAND Code Reader) - it can be scanned instantly from a distance.

Even if you don't have the app for XPAND Code, you can try it directly from the App Clip Code without installing.

Details of the "Ginza Fanyi" Pole Ads

When you scan the QR code or XPAND Code on the panel, you can check out notable spots in the surrounding area in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Installation locations:

Launch date:

1 June 2024


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