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Launch of Commercial "Dual Ops" Using XPAND Code and QR code at Four OOH Locations in Japan!

From 15 April, we have initiated "Dual Ops" for XPAND Code and QR code in outdoor advertising, aiming to complement each other for improved convenience and enhanced functionality.

This system combines the QR code, which is easily scannable with standard cameras but not suitable for long distances, with the XPAND Code, which supports multiple compatible apps and enables high-speed scanning from afar. This combination offers users a flexible experience, meeting diverse needs from simple close-up scans to distant, high-speed interactions, ensuring an optimal user experience.

This dual operation system has been adopted in four large-scale outdoor advertising locations nationwide by the medical student learning institute "Igakusei Dojo" (by Li-fe Holdings), marking a pioneering commercial use as a paid service globally.

Key Features of Dual Ops:

  1. Tailored experiences for users: Users of apps supporting XPAND Code can perform scans from over 100 metres away and at high speeds, while those using standard cameras can achieve the same experience by moving closer.

  2. Prevents the wasteful layout of excessively large QR codes by distinguishing the 'range' of XPAND Codes and QR codes.

  3. Both XPAND Code and QR code benefit from mapping functions via the XPAND Code server, allowing flexible changes to URL links without needing to replace the codes. Our patented blockchain linkage feature is also applicable.

  4. Both codes can incorporate tracking tags, enabling traffic source analysis through tools like Google Analytics or Matomo.

  5. As both QR code and XPAND Code are globally deployed, they are accessible to international visitors.

  6. XPAND Codes can be used in scenarios where QR codes fail, such as multi-monitor setups with bezels, large visions with louvers in front, or curved OOH installations.

  7. In areas where local laws restrict large QR code displays, the unregulated XPAND Code provides a solution.

  8. Like QR codes, XPAND Codes do not require special printing or processing and can be laid out in Illustrator files for OOH, ensuring low-cost operation and reduced environmental impact.  

When scanning a QR code with the standard camera on an iPhone - it can be easily scanned by getting closer.

When scanning an XPAND Code with a compatible app (XPAND Code Reader) - it can be scanned instantly from a distance.

Igakusei Dojo Outdoor Advertising Implementation

The aim is to increase engagement with medical students, the primary target audience for Igakusei Dojo

, by placing large outdoor advertisements near university campuses in the initially selected four regions.


Start Date of Posting:

1 April 2024

About Igakusei Dojo:

Igakusei Dojo is a special preparatory school exclusive to medical students. Highly experienced doctors provide one-to-one tutoring, contributing to the deep and efficient learning that helps students pass various medical exams.

Besides the eight school classes in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka, the same quality of tutoring is available online, supporting medical students nationwide.Medical Student Dojo helps students efficiently prepare for their progression and graduation exams, Computer-Based Testing (CBT), Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), and the national medical licensing exam.

The Igakusei Dojo YouTube channel has garnered immense support, with over 22,000 subscribers and more than 2 million video views. They are also embracing innovative learning styles like using the metaverse, aiming to expand understanding and awareness through new touchpoints like OOH linked with their YouTube channel content.

"Connected OOH" Planning, Production, and Operation Services

We offer not just mobile solutions but also plan, select, and provide media for outdoor advertising through partnerships with national outdoor media agencies. Our service provides high-quality, consistent creative work from real to digital spaces, and by managing everything in-house, we keep costs and timelines efficient. If you already have online content, we can integrate and maximize its use with OOH advertising.

Strengths of Our OOH Business:

  • We offer digital integration and planning capabilities based on XPAND Code system and AR development.

  • Our predecessor company has handled numerous public space signs like trains and buses, winning international awards for design.

  • We provide a one-stop service from national media selection and provision to maintenance.

  • We can create unified user experiences from mobile to massive billboards.

  • Our production capabilities include 3D CAD-based trick art, leveraging our industrial machinery design experience.

  • We have an international team capable of multilingual support and can assist with advertising in foreign media.


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