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Let's give it a try! Apps compatible with the XPAND Code

We offers the "XPAND Code Reader" app, specifically designed for scanning XPAND Codes. However, there are also apps developed by other companies that can scan XPAND Codes. Each of these apps has its own unique features. Please do try them out.

Pic2shop is a multi-barcode scanner app made in Belgium, supporting both iOS and Android. It has a history of over 10 years and is used by over a million users worldwide. This app can also automatically recognize and read XPAND Codes.

In fact, the barcode scanning engine used in this app is proprietary software developed by Vision Smarts, the distributor of pic2shop. Although the project to develop the XPAND Code Reader initially aimed to match pic2shop's reading performance, through various developments, it ended up collaborating with Vision Smarts. Thus, it can be said to be the original XPAND Code Reader.

To widely promote their product to major customers worldwide, they offer the app for free. It's incredibly fast, so please do give it a try.

Sensyusya, a Japanese map company, offers a barcode app that can automatically recognize and read various barcodes, including XPAND Codes. This app is available only for iOS and features multiple functionalities like iCloud integration and barcode generation.

Interestingly, sssQRc is the world's first app capable of reading XPAND Codes, a valuable app that supported XPAND Codes even before our own app was released.

While this app offers additional features through in-app purchases, its basic functions are available for free. We highly recommend trying it out.

Our XPAND Code Reader app is compatible with both iOS and Android, but the Android version is temporarily unavailable and under restoration. Therefore, if you need a new app, please use the above two options.

Google unilaterally deleted our account for "infrequent updates," a move typical of Google's arrogance, even though our paid developer license was still active.


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