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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] Grand Opening! Experience the First 29 Arts in Tokyo's Art Hub!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Ginza NFT Gallery Opening!

Today marks the grand opening of the Ginza NFT Gallery! This innovative gallery, located in Ginza, one of Tokyo's most premium districts and a hub for art galleries, showcases 29 selected NFT artworks from the first public call. The mobile site allows for easy access and browsing through a standard browser, as well as through various goods embedded with XPAND Codes, such as stickers, signs, and T-shirts. For instance, by reading the XPAND Code found near the Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo, you can easily access the Ginza NFT Gallery, turning any location into a virtual art space.

How to Access and Use the Ginza NFT Gallery

To use the Ginza NFT Gallery, simply tap the button within this article from your smartphone or read the XPAND Code located at the bottom of the page. Upon doing so, a list of artwork thumbnails will be displayed. By tapping on a thumbnail, the artwork transforms into a 3D panel. Tapping the "AR" button then brings up a large artwork panel in front of the camera, which can be placed anywhere in your surroundings.

The first two artworks in the list are displayed randomly, while the others are sorted in the order of data reception. The display ranking changes in real-time, as it reflects the access situation (number of times tapped for 3D transformation) within a certain period. Access is available only on smartphones, and older iPhones or low-performance Android devices may not be compatible. A desktop version is planned for future release.

Gallery Structure and Exhibition Rooms

The Ginza NFT Gallery features all submitted artworks. Exhibition rooms 1 to 3 are grouped according to the articles introduced each week, considering the story and theme of the exhibition. This organization allows for a diverse and enjoyable experience within each exhibition room.

Weekly Ginza NFT Gallery Featured Artworks

In the Wednesday articles of Explore Ginza, ten NFT artworks will be featured each week in the "Ginza NFT Gallery" section. The creator's commentary on each artwork will be available in English, Japanese, and Chinese, fostering understanding and exchange between artists and audiences from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Upcoming Plans and Public Call Information

The Ginza NFT Gallery plans to hold a total of four public calls. The second public call has been rescheduled to start from tomorrow, the 27th. We encourage many creators to participate. For English submissions, the application form will open on May 1st.

In October, a physical exhibition will be held in Ginza, where all winners of the public call will have the right to showcase their work. Details will be announced at a later date. There will also be physical exhibitions scheduled before the October event, so stay tuned for updates.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Ginza NFT Gallery. Be sure to check the "Ginza NFT Gallery" section in Explore Ginza's Wednesday articles for updates on the latest NFT artworks. Discover captivating creations in the Ginza NFT Gallery and immerse yourself in the world of new art forms.


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