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Success of Our Product Exhibition and Demonstration at La Folle Journée Tokyo 2023

Last week, from May 4th to 6th, our company participated in "La Folle Journée Tokyo 2023," held in Tokyo. In this article, we will share an overview of our product exhibition and demonstration, the results, and future prospects.

Demonstration using XPAND Code

At the event stage, we conducted a demonstration using XPAND Code. This trial service allowed visitors to access information on over 200 performances using their smartphones. By reading the XPAND Code, attendees could instantly obtain information about the performances, such as details about the performers. This experiment received positive feedback from many visitors.

The Scale and Background of La Folle Journée Tokyo 2023

La Folle Journée is a major classical music event that originated in Nantes, France. La Folle Journée Tokyo is the largest classical music event in Japan, and this year, it attracted 180,000 visitors over three days. Renowned musicians and young performers from around the world gathered to showcase numerous outstanding performances.

Our Company's Booth Setup

For this event, we set up our booth within the classical-specialty radio station "Ottava" booth and studio. As a result, our products and services were featured in the station's special programme, allowing more people to become aware of our offerings.

Following the success of this demonstration, we aim to utilise XPAND Code throughout the entire venue next year. Furthermore, we plan to promote the use of XPAND Code at the original event in Nantes, France, and at other music events around the world.

Our product exhibition and demonstration at "La Folle Journée Tokyo 2023" proved to be highly successful. The positive feedback from visitors and the feature in the classical-specialty radio station "Ottava" programme contributed to raising awareness of our products and services.

Moving forward, we will continue to expand the use of XPAND Code in various fields, including music events and beyond. We also plan to actively participate in domestic and international events and cultural projects, striving to make further contributions in the fields of classical music and culture.


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