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The Final Chapter of the Tokyo NFT Art Caravan Starts in Tokyo's Ueno!

Introducing NFT Art in Ueno, Tokyo, a Street Rich in Internationalism, Culture, and Entertainment

Starting from the 19th of June, the Ginza NFT Gallery is implementing a project named "Tokyo NFT Art Caravan via Network Vision". This project features the continuous presentation of NFT Art on large outdoor digital signages along the Tokyo Yamanote Line.

The goal of this project is to highlight the charm of the works presented in the Ginza NFT Gallery, as well as the exciting new experience of enjoying them in 3D/AR, by introducing a selection of these pieces via outdoor displays along the Yamanote Line.

From today, the 14th of August, a new series of visuals has started broadcasting in Ueno, Tokyo, a street rich in internationalism, culture, and entertainment.

And it's the final episode of the Tokyo NFT Art Caravan.

At the bottom of each broadcast, an "XPAND Code" will be displayed. By scanning this code with a smartphone, viewers can convert all artworks into AR, bringing them to life in front of the camera, and sticking them wherever they please. You can enjoy a novel NFT Art experience while touring the centre of Tokyo.

Schedule and Locations

  1. Ikebukuro (West) - 19th June to 2nd July

  2. Shin-Okubo - 3rd July to 16th July

  3. Ikebukuro (East) - 18th July to 30th July

  4. Shinjuku - 31st July to 13th August

  5. Ueno - 14th August to 27th August

Broadcast at Ueno

Venue: Ueno, Tokyo

Period: From 14th August (Monday) to 27th August (Sunday)

Time: 7:00 to 22:00, it is broadcast once approximately every 60 minutes.

*Broadcast times may vary. Frequency is subject to change for programming reasons.

Broadcast Contents:

  • A 60-second movie where the "Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo" suddenly appears and sequentially presents pieces from the Ginza NFT Gallery. The dialogue comes with subtitles in English and Japanese.

  • To commemorate the last instalment of the Tokyo NFT Art Caravan, we're filled with gratitude towards all the creators featured in the Ginza NFT Gallery, and we will introduce all the works at once.

  • An XPAND Code will be consistently displayed at the bottom of the video, allowing you to scan it with your smartphone and enjoy all the exhibited works of the Ginza NFT Gallery on the spot.


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