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[DAC Festa Ginza Report] Premium Stage - SAKAMOTO Haruto (Piano)

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

On 7th October at 13:00, a piano performance by SAKAMOTO Haruto was held at the Ginza Glass View Stage.

SAKAMOTO Haruto, despite being only a first-year junior high school student, is a pianist with extraordinary talent, having achieved numerous top placements in renowned piano competitions such as PTNA and Chopin Asia. His achievements include a bronze prize in the 46th PTNA Piano Competition C Category National Finals, a silver prize in the 24th Chopin International Piano Competition in ASIA National Competition, and a gold prize along with the Soloist Award in the online finals.

On this day's stage, he showcased his high technique and rich expressiveness. It may well be remembered in the near future as the stage of a young day of a star pianist.


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