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[DAC Festa Ginza Report] Creative Talk - Curling x Tech: The New Sports Entertainment

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

At 18:00 on 7th October, a talk by MOCHIDA Yasuo of UBox was held at the Ginza Glass View Stage.

Yasuo is a curling expert with various titles, including a former mixed doubles curling national player for Japan, former executive director of the Japan Wheelchair Curling Association, and Managing Director of the curling team "Ignites Nagano."

He is also well-known among curling fans for his commentary on YouTube curling broadcasts.

On the day, he was staying in Hokkaido for the management of a curling tournament but made time in his busy schedule to appear via Zoom at the Ginza Glass View Stage.

After explaining the appeal of curling to those unfamiliar with the sport, he introduced new ways to enjoy curling combined with technology.


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