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[DAC Festa Ginza Report] Creative Talk - 3D Digital Specimens: Summoning Wildlife on the Streets!

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

On 8th October at 15:00, a talk session by the biologist KANO Yuichi was held at the Ginza Glass View Stage.

He is globally known for his project "3D Digital Biological Specimens," which digitalizes biological specimens, mainly fish. His project at features over 2000 various creatures digitized into high-precision 3D specimens, available through Sketchfab and highly supported by users worldwide.

Although remote, this programme was a valuable opportunity to hear his live lecture.

We has been developing the "Wow 3D Museum" project in collaboration with him and Kyushu Open University since the summer of 2022. Inside the venue, people were seen enjoying summoning creatures in AR using stickers and merchandise from the Wow 3D Museum.


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