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Discover the heart of Tokyo: Mobile site "Explore Ginza" launches on April 7th!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Exciting news for all Tokyo explorers! On April 7th, our brand new mobile site "Explore Ginza" will be launched, bringing you daily insights into one of Tokyo's prime locations – Ginza. With our company headquarters based in Ginza, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with unique, local perspectives on this fascinating area, offering a fresh alternative to websites like TripAdvisor.

At "Explore Ginza," we will focus on various themes related to our business, delivering daily updates from different angles. Furthermore, our articles will be available in English, Chinese, and Japanese, catering to a diverse audience of international tourists who wish to make the most of their Ginza experience.

Our weekly themes for each day of the week are as follows: Monday: "Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo is Here," Tuesday: "Ginza Trivia," Wednesday: "Ginza NFT Gallery," Thursday: "Must-visit Spots Ginza," Friday: "Hot Events Ginza," Saturday: "'Gin-bura', Walking Around Ginza," and Sunday: "Ginza Biodiversity Museum."

Stay tuned for an article on April 6th, which will provide more details on the themes for each day of the week.

To access "Explore Ginza," we recommend reading the XPAND Code with your smartphone, located alongside Ginza's large-scale trick art piece "Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo." This will grant you instant access to the latest information about Ginza. Additionally, you can also read the XPAND Code found in photos of Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo uploaded on social media platforms.

We hope "Explore Ginza" will help you uncover the many charms that Ginza has to offer. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the heart of Tokyo!


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