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[Explore Ginza - Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza] Unravel the mystery of "Gin-bura!"

Ginza is Tokyo's premier commercial district, known for its shopping, dining, and historical buildings. In addition to being a thriving business hub, Ginza is also a delightful place to walk around and explore. In this article, we will delve into the popular Japanese term "Gin-bura," which refers to strolling around Ginza.

Ginza, Tokyo's top commercial district and a great place to walk around As the number one commercial area in Tokyo, Ginza boasts a wide range of shops, restaurants, and historic buildings that make it a pleasure to explore on foot. Walking around Ginza allows you to discover various establishments and experience the district's unique history and culture.

The familiar Japanese term "Gin-bura"

"Gin-bura" is a term that is well-known among Japanese people and refers to the act of walking around Ginza. The origin of the word "bura" in Gin-bura, however, is subject to various theories.

The "walking around Ginza" theory

One theory about the origin of "bura" is that it is a shortened version of the phrase "銀座をぶらぶら" (walking around Ginza). This theory suggests that the term represents the act of strolling around Ginza while enjoying shopping and dining experiences.

The "drinking Brazilian coffee in Ginza" theory

Another theory is that "bura" comes from the word "Bra" in "Brazil," as the two are pronounced the same way in Japanese. According to this theory, the term refers to drinking Brazilian coffee in Ginza. This idea is connected to Café Paulista, a famous coffee shop located in Ginza's 8th district, which is still in operation today.

While the Brazilian coffee theory gained some attention in the past, recent research indicates that the "walking around Ginza" theory is the more widely accepted explanation. This theory has even begun to appear in some Japanese dictionaries, further solidifying its status as the predominant interpretation of "bura."

If you have the chance to interact with a Japanese person, try mentioning "Gin-bura" and see their reaction. They will likely be surprised and impressed by your knowledge of this local term.


Ginza is not only Tokyo's top commercial district but also a fantastic area to walk around and explore. The term "Gin-bura" embodies the spirit of wandering through Ginza and enjoying all it has to offer. With the origin of "bura" now more widely understood, you can stroll around Ginza with a newfound appreciation for the term and the unique charms of this bustling district.


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