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[Explore Ginza - Ginza Biodiversity Museum] Cherry blossom Season Ends, Enjoy It Through AR

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The Ginza Biodiversity Museum, in collaboration with the Wow 3D Museum, launches a weekly series introducing the diverse flora and fauna found in and around Ginza. Our goal is to make biodiversity, including both plants and animals, more accessible and enjoyable to learn about.

Ginza's cherry blossom spots

Ginza boasts various cherry blossom viewing spots, including natural areas in large facilities and small district parks. During cherry blossom season, locals and tourists alike flock to these spots to appreciate the beauty of the blossoms. In this first installment of our series, we will focus on the popular cherry blossoms.

This week's highlight: Somei Yoshino (Cerasus x yedoensis)

Somei Yoshino, or Cerasus x yedoensis, is a representative variety of cherry blossoms in Japan, often considered a symbol of the arrival of spring. The beautiful flowers range from white to pale pink, and their blooming period is relatively short. As a result, many people visit the blossoms during their peak bloom. In this article, we will introduce the Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms.

Enjoying cherry blossoms with AR

When you open the Ginza Biodiversity Museum page, you will see a 3D model of the cherry blossoms. By tapping the "AR" button, the cherry blossoms will appear in front of you through augmented reality. This feature allows you to enjoy the cherry blossoms even after their season has ended. Please note that the AR function may not work on older devices.

We have introduced the enjoyment of cherry blossoms in Ginza and the purpose of the Ginza Biodiversity Museum. In future installments, we will continue to introduce various plants and animals found around Ginza. Stay tuned for more!

[update] Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo has blossomed in Ginza.


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