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[Explore Ginza - Ginza Trivia] Hidden Shrines and Jizo in Ginza! Shusse Jizo vs Daifuku Great Jizo

Discovering Ginza's Shrines and Jizo - Unveiling Hidden Gems

As you stroll through Ginza, amidst shopping streets and sophisticated cafes, you'll be surprised to find small shrines and Jizo statues in unexpected places. These spots are not well known to tourists, making them hidden gems for those who want to delve deeper into Ginza's culture.

The Charm of Ginza Shusse Jizo and its Connection to Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo

The most famous Jizo in Ginza is the "Ginza Shusse Jizo". In the early Meiji period, around the end of the 19th century, an apprentice stonemason carved a Jizo statue for the memorial service of his parents, which became the origin of the current Ginza Shusse Jizo. The Jizo statue was once placed on the roadside, but it has since "risen" to the rooftop of Ginza Mitsukoshi, one of Japan's most prestigious department stores. This ascent to the rooftop signifies both the literal elevation and the figurative success of the Jizo. For more details, please visit the GInza Mitsukoshi website.

On the other hand, Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo was designed with respect for the gentle smile of Ginza Shusse Jizo. Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo is not an object of prayer, but rather a casual spot for people to enjoy as a photo opportunity.

The Joy of Ginza Exploration - Discover Hidden Attractions

While Ginza is known as a shopping and gourmet district, the presence of hidden shrines and Jizo statues adds to its charm. During your next visit to Ginza, not only explore Ginza Shusse Jizo and Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo, but also search for the hidden shrines and Jizo statues in the area. Walking around Ginza, you'll have the chance to experience its history and atmosphere in a unique way.


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