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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] First Open Call Ends Early Due to Overwhelming Response!

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Ginza NFT Gallery: Basic Information

The Ginza NFT Gallery is a weekly corner featured every Wednesday on the mobile site "Explore Ginza," which is updated daily. The gallery showcases 10 selected NFT artworks from open calls each week, presenting the stories and information about the artists behind the works. Located in Ginza, Tokyo's most premium district and a hub for art galleries, the Ginza NFT Gallery offers a unique platform to celebrate and promote NFT art.

Overview and Results of the First Open Call

The first open call commenced on April 3, with a planned deadline of April 9. However, the overwhelming number of submissions far exceeded expectations, leading to an early closure on April 4. This outcome highlights the growing interest in NFT art.

Anticipation for the Announcement of Selected Artworks

The curated artworks will be announced the week after next, on April 26. The excitement is building as we await the reveal of the chosen pieces. Furthermore, the gallery is committed to continuing the open call process, striving to discover new NFT art.

Upcoming Open Calls

In light of the tremendous success of the first open call, a total of four open calls have been scheduled. The second open call is planned for April 24 through April 30, with artists already expressing anticipation. Additionally, a physical exhibition is slated for October in Ginza, offering a valuable opportunity for visitors to experience the artists' works firsthand. Stay tuned for more details about the exhibition in future announcements.


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