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[Explore Ginza - Must-visit Spots Ginza] Relax at Ginza Mitsukoshi's Rooftop Oasis!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

What is Must-visit Spots Ginza?

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new corner of Explore Ginza, "Must-visit Spots Ginza"! Every week, we'll introduce one recommended spot in Ginza. In this series, we will feature free or low-cost public spaces that you can enjoy during shopping or dining breaks.

The Ginza Terrace

This week's pick is the rooftop of Ginza Mitsukoshi. Ginza Mitsukoshi is a prestigious department store in Japan, attracting numerous tourists and shoppers. On the rooftop of this bustling department store, there is a hidden gem that many people may not know about.

Named "Ginza Terrace," this spot offers a spacious outdoor area filled with lush grass and vegetation. There are plenty of decks and tables available for your relaxation. Surrounded by greenery, Ginza Terrace is a perfect spot for a refreshing break in between shopping or dining.

Recommended points to enjoy at Ginza Terrace

Firstly, you can enjoy drinks purchased from the Agricultural Cooperative's (JA) directly managed stand located within Ginza Terrace. They offer a variety of healthy and delicious beverages such as fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies, made from locally sourced produce. Enjoying a drink in the natural surroundings is a truly exceptional experience.

Ginza Terrace is also popular among children. They can run around on the grass, observe the plants, and have fun with their families.

Additionally, from Ginza Terrace, you can see the iconic Wako Clock Tower at the perfect eye level. The Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo and Ginza Shusse Jizo, which can be considered the ancestor of the Ginza Daifuku Great Jizo, are also visible from here.

Access and usage information

Ginza Terrace is free to use. However, the opening hours may vary depending on the season and events. For detailed information, please refer to the Ginza Mitsukoshi official website.

As Ginza Terrace can be crowded with families with children, please be considerate when using the space. Also, since it is a rooftop garden, make sure to take your rubbish with you and be mindful of other visitors.


The "Ginza Terrace" on Ginza Mitsukoshi's rooftop is an ideal place for a refreshing break in Ginza, offering a free public space that can be enjoyed during shopping or dining. Surrounded by greenery, relax with a drink from the JA directly managed stand, while appreciating the view of the Wako Clock Tower and the Ginza Shusse Jizo. Make sure to visit Ginza Terrace during your next Ginza exploration!


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