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[Explore Ginza - Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza] Discover Hidden Alleys in Ginza!

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Introduction to Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza

Hello to all readers of "Explore Ginza"! In our new corner, "Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza," we will introduce one piece of information every week to make you want to explore Ginza even more. As this is our first issue, let's start with an overview of Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza. In this corner, we will deliver information to enjoy Ginza on foot, such as the charm of spots unique to Ginza, little-known famous shops, and recommended walking routes. So, let's explore Ginza together and enjoy new discoveries!

The Charm of Ginza's Alleys

Ginza is famous for its glamorous streets lined with high-end brand shops, but the narrow alleys between buildings are also full of unique charm. These alleys are home to intriguing mini-shops and little-known famous stores. Furthermore, walking through these alleys often leads to unexpectedly dazzling streets. Walking around Ginza's alleys allows you to enjoy a different side of Ginza.

This week's theme is "Walking Ginza's Alleys." Ginza has many attractive alleys where the atmosphere changes drastically as soon as you step in. Walking through these alleys guarantees new discoveries and encounters.

This Week's Highlight: The Alley with "Torigin"

This week, we will introduce the alley where one of Ginza's famous restaurants, "Torigin," is located. "Torigin" is a beloved yakitori restaurant known for its delicious grilled chicken skewers and cozy atmosphere. However, to reach this hidden gem, you may need a sense of adventure. This is because the alley where "Torigin" is located is not easily found on Google Maps. The journey to this hidden restaurant is one of the exciting points of Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza.

For those who cannot visit Ginza in person, we have incorporated AR technology into this article to allow you to experience the atmosphere from afar. By using AR, even those far away can enjoy the feeling of being in Ginza's alleys.

Walking Alley Manners

When walking through Ginza's alleys, it is essential to be considerate of others and share the space. Be especially mindful of the distance between yourself, stores, and pedestrians in narrow alleys. Be cautious of cars and bicycles in areas with narrow sidewalks. When taking photos, be respectful of the shops and passersby to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

So, what do you think? Walking through Ginza's alleys will undoubtedly lead to new discoveries and surprises. We will continue to share the charm of Ginza through "Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza," so please look forward to it! We hope that this week's theme, "Walking Ginza's Alleys," will make your Ginza exploration even more enjoyable.

[Update] Today we read the Ginza Daifuku Jizo in the PC.

You can also read it on the Google Maps image, if you are far away!


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