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[Explore Ginza - Ginza Biodiversity Museum] Ni-ni Cicada: A Summer Treasure in Ginza Parks

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The Ginza Biodiversity Museum features a different living creature found in the Ginza area every week, selected from the Wow 3D Museum. The goal is to raise awareness about the diverse wildlife living in the heart of Tokyo, and by using Augmented Reality (AR) to observe them up close, make learning about biodiversity a fun and engaging experience.

This Week's Highlight: Ni-ni Cicada

This week's highlight is the Ni-ni Cicada (Platypleura kaempferi), a familiar cicada species in Japan. It is known for its unique and continuous calling sound during the summer. They spend most of their lives as nymphs underground and emerge as adults to reproduce. You can find more information about Ni-ni Cicada's ecology and basic information on Wikispecies.

Observing Ni-ni Cicadas in Ginza

Ni-ni Cicadas can often be spotted in the small parks throughout Ginza. During summer, their distinct calls fill the air, adding to the seasonal atmosphere. When observing these insects, look for adult cicadas perching on tree trunks or branches, as well as their shed exoskeletons.

Ginza Biodiversity Museum AR Experience

By using the AR feature in the Ginza Biodiversity Museum, you can enjoy a closer look at the Ni-ni Cicada. The AR experience allows you to observe the adult cicada with its wings spread, as well as the shed exoskeleton. This immersive experience helps you understand the size and living environment of these creatures in a realistic way.

Looking Forward to More Discoveries

At this stage, the Ginza Biodiversity Museum showcases three living creatures, including the Ni-ni Cicada. Every week, a new creature will be introduced, gradually expanding the collection. Be sure to check back regularly to discover more about the diverse wildlife in the Ginza area.

As you stroll through Ginza's parks this summer, listen for the unique calls of the Ni-ni Cicada and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you. Stay tuned for more updates from the Ginza Biodiversity Museum, and continue exploring the fascinating world of biodiversity in Ginza.


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