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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] 30 Winners Unveiled! Weekly Introductions Begin on the 26th

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Selection of 30 Winning Artworks with the Collaboration of NFT Color

We are excited to announce that we have selected 30 winning artworks from the submissions for our NFT art initiative, in collaboration with the Japanese NFT planning company, NFT Color. The selection process was extremely challenging due to the abundance of high-quality entries. Ultimately, the winning artworks were chosen based on the balance of their composition, considering various styles and expressions.

Launch of "Ginza NFT Gallery" Mobile Site and Weekly Featured Artwork

The mobile site "Ginza NFT Gallery" will be launched next week on the 26th. Although all the winning artworks will be unveiled on the same day, we will be featuring and introducing 10 pieces every week. This approach will provide our readers with the opportunity to fully appreciate each artwork and learn more about them.

Physical Exhibition in Ginza and Announcement of the 2nd Open Call

The winning artworks will also be exhibited in a physical gallery in Ginza, taking place in early October. By showcasing both NFT and traditional physical art forms, we aim to create new experiences and present innovative values in the art world.

Due to various circumstances, the 2nd open call's schedule has been changed. The submissions will be open from April 29th to May 2nd.

Expansion of Submissions to English and Chinese Speakers for the 2nd Open Call

For the 1st open call, we only accepted submissions from Japanese speakers. However, for the 2nd open call, we will prepare submission forms in English and Chinese, allowing more artists to participate in this exciting initiative.

The "Ginza NFT Gallery" will continue to explore the new possibilities of digital art and deliver the joy of art to many people through exhibitions in Ginza. We hope you are looking forward to the artwork introductions starting next week. We also encourage you to participate in the 2nd open call and help us elevate the world of NFT art together.


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