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[Explore Ginza - Must-visit Spots Ginza] Enjoy Ginza's Largest Garden for Free! Discover the Oasis

What's the Largest Garden in Ginza?

Hello, everyone! In this week's "Must-visit Spots Ginza," we introduce the largest garden in Ginza. Can you guess where it is? Let's reveal the oasis in Ginza that you can enjoy for free whilst taking a break from shopping and gourmet dining!

Attractive Greenery and Facilities

The answer is the "GINZA SIX Garden" on the rooftop of Ginza Six! With an area of about 4,000 square metres, the garden is beautifully designed with seasonal plants, creating a peaceful oasis right in the city. The garden also features benches and children's playground equipment, making it perfect for families.

Enjoy Ginza's Stunning Views: Preview the Atmosphere with AR

The garden is surrounded by glass walls, offering a 360-degree view of the Ginza streetscape. It's a real luxury to take a break and enjoy the stunning view while exploring Ginza's shopping and dining options. Plus, you can get a taste of the garden's atmosphere beforehand using the AR embedded in this article. Give it a try!

Check Access Information and Opening Hours on the Official Website

GINZA SIX Garden is conveniently located on the rooftop of Ginza Six, just a few minutes' walk from the nearest station. It's an ideal spot to visit during a break from shopping and dining. For opening hours and detailed access information, please refer to the official website.

So, what do you think? Be sure to visit Ginza's largest garden, GINZA SIX Garden, and enjoy a luxurious moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Look forward to next week's "Must-visit Spots Ginza" as we continue to introduce more captivating spots in Ginza. Use these free public spaces to refresh both your body and mind during your time in Ginza. See you next week!


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