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[Explore Ginza - Hot Events Ginza] "La Folle Journée TOKYO" in Yurakucho – Back After 4 Years!

A Glimpse into "La Folle Journée TOKYO"

This week's "Hot Events Ginza" features the return of "La Folle Journée TOKYO" during Golden Week in Yurakucho. Taking place at the Tokyo International Forum, this is Japan's largest classical music event, making a comeback after a 4-year hiatus due to the pandemic. With a variety of artists performing, the event is enjoyable for classical music fans and anyone interested in music.

Dates, Venues, Paid and Free Performances

"La Folle Journée TOKYO" will be held at the Tokyo International Forum from May 4th to 6th. The performances will take place across various spaces, from Hall A to Hall D, as well as outdoors, allowing attendees to enjoy music while basking in the spring sunshine.

Although tickets for paid performances are becoming limited, some are still available for purchase. Check the official website for the latest information. Additionally, numerous free performances are scheduled, offering a chance to enjoy classical music without spending a penny. Free performances have first-come, first-served entry, so arrive early to secure your spot. Children's workshops and talk events are also planned, making the event enjoyable for families.

Updates in Next Week's Special Feature

Next week, we'll deliver a special feature with updates on "La Folle Journée TOKYO." We'll provide more details on the atmosphere, featured artists, and musical pieces, so stay tuned!

For the most up-to-date information and detailed schedules, visit the official website. Artist profiles, performance times, and music selections are listed, helping you prepare for a more enjoyable experience.

"La Folle Journée TOKYO" is the Japanese version of "La Folle Journée," held in Nantes, France. The long-awaited event is a must-attend for music enthusiasts. Since it's been four years since the last event, even those with limited exposure to classical music should take this opportunity to visit.

Enjoy a culturally rich Golden Week at the Tokyo International Forum with "La Folle Journée TOKYO." Immerse yourself in the music and explore the surrounding Ginza area for a delightful time. Keep an eye on "Hot Events Ginza" for more insights into the charm of "La Folle Journée TOKYO" in the coming weeks!


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