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[Explore Ginza - Gin-bura] Discover the Charm of Alleys & Renowned Toyoiwa Inari Shrine

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Toyoiwa Inari Shrine: A Matchmaking Power Spot

This week's Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza, features the famous matchmaking Toyoiwa Inari Shrine. Exploring Ginza's alleys leads to unexpected discoveries, which is one of the area's most attractive aspects. Among these, the Toyoiwa Inari Shrine holds a special place as a beloved matchmaking shrine for many people.

The Thrill of Walking Narrow Alleys: Joy of Discovering the Shrine

As you walk through the narrow alley, it is so tight that it can be difficult for people to pass each other. However, when the Toyoiwa Inari Shrine appears in the middle of this narrow alley, it brings about a strange sense of joy and wonder. Be sure to experience this unique feeling for yourself.

Accessing Toyoiwa Inari Shrine: The Stone Pillar Marks the Entrance

Reaching the Toyoiwa Inari Shrine is surprisingly easy. The entrance is marked by a large stone pillar, making it easy to spot. However, the alley tends to get quite crowded, so it is recommended to visit in the morning.

Enjoying the Alleyway Atmosphere: AR Experience

This particular alley is especially narrow, so it is essential to give way to others as you walk. Additionally, you can use Augmented Reality (AR) to enjoy Ginza's history and culture while strolling. Be sure to try this AR experience to fully appreciate the alley's atmosphere.

In this week's Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza, we introduced the famous matchmaking Toyoiwa Inari Shrine hidden in Ginza's alleys. The shrine located in the middle of a narrow alley is truly a hidden gem of Ginza. Its tucked-away location makes your visit feel even more special. There are also many buildings and shops in the area where you can experience Ginza's history and culture, so be sure to take a walk around after visiting the shrine.

Visiting the popular Toyoiwa Inari Shrine, a matchmaking power spot, may lead to beautiful encounters and connections. Discover the charm of walking around Ginza's alleys and enjoy the excitement and surprises it has to offer. Look forward to the next Gin-bura, Walking Around Ginza!


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