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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #02 This Week's 9 Featured Works from Our 1st Open Call!

Updated: May 9, 2023

Hello and welcome to the Wednesday corner of "Explore Ginza," the Ginza NFT Gallery article. This week, we continue to showcase 9 featured NFT artworks from our 1st open call. The creators have provided descriptions in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

To access the Ginza NFT Gallery, please tap the button on this page or read the XPAND Code. The featured works this week can be found in Exhibition Room 2.

Moreover, our 2nd open call received an overwhelming number of submissions, causing early closure. Due to this, we had to cancel the planned English application for the 2nd open call. However, the 3rd open call, scheduled for late May, will accept applications in English and Chinese.

The Ginza NFT Gallery aims to introduce 10 notable works every week. Let's continue to enjoy the world of NFT art! We appreciate your support for "Explore Ginza" as we keep delivering the latest information on Ginza. Stay tuned for more!


I’m always with you


Thank you for taking the time to view this work. When I finished this work, I thought the three people in the picture looked like a 'family' and gave it this title. I hope I have sent warm feelings to those who have viewed this work.


flowers blooming in the city

Pix ta01

Precisely because it is a cramped time, a single flower blooms freely and powerfully in the capital known as Edo.



Heart hope

The Daruma doll, a traditional Japanese craft that is also considered to bring good luck, was used as a motif in this work to wish for dreams and hopes for the near future. It is a work that also looks good in a virtual space.


Love Bird #001


Lovebirds are called highly social and affectionate birds. We have drawn a blue-bellied parrot from this group. Although small, they are very clever, expressive, friendly and cute. The only drawback is that they have a loud voice and a strong bite... The model is a blue-buttoned parrot we have at home.


#Buddha's birthday celebration

Hirokatsu Kikuchi

Nice to meet you. I have a chronic illness that causes my muscles to atrophy and I am writing #AIART while wearing a ventilator and recuperating at home. I generated Buddha's birthday to comfort the victims of infectious diseases and wars around the world. Thank you #NFTJPN #NFT


Nameless feelings #037

Rio(Autistic child & mother)

Production art commemorating World Autism Awareness Day. May the understanding of autism and other developmental disabilities spread.


【Neo Japonism 1】


The meaning of the word 'yosho' is like the sun, with the wish that all around us will be bright.


I"m home!


I made it a work that makes you want to go home warm.







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