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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #03 Final Round of 1st Open Call: Discover 10 Remarkable Pieces!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Hello everyone! In this week's edition of "Ginza NFT Gallery" on Explore Ginza, we are excited to introduce the final 10 pieces from our first open call.

The talented creators have provided descriptions in English, Japanese, and Chinese, allowing you to enjoy the art from various perspectives. To access the Ginza NFT Gallery, either tap the button on this page or read the XPAND Code displayed on your desktop PC with your smartphone.

The artworks featured this week can be found in Exhibition Room 3, showcasing an array of themes and techniques in the world of NFT art. Additionally, all works from the first open call are available for viewing, so please take your time and explore them thoroughly.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest NFT art at Explore Ginza. Enjoy!


Shed The Sorrow


What do you imagine about the season of partings and encounters? The theme of this work is the season of both joy and sorrow. What is hidden in her tears?


right-handed double helix structure


There is an "ancient astronaut theory" that mankind was created by ancient aliens. Don't we have infinite possibilities? enjoy. with hope. In the spiral is the plot of life. But you can rewrite it yourself


【GFAW】Witch girl#4


Girls from another world collection One of the "girls from another world. She specializes in astrology and uses crystals to read the stars and divine people's fortunes. She can also foretell the future, She has been approached by many important people from various countries who want her to predict the future of their countries, Each time, she asks for a large sum of money.


inside you


She was a doctor. She did not accept money from the poor for medical treatment, but instead made everyone plant apricot seeds. The apricots became a Chinese medicine and food for all. When the apricot seeds she planted had grown into an apricot grove, an injured tiger came to visit her. She treated the tiger's neck injury, he bowed and left, but a few days later he came back to see her. It was completely healed and she urged him to leave, but the tiger did not move a step from there. From then on, the tiger carried her to and from wherever she went, and guarded the apricot grove in front of the house at night. When she died, he remained there for many, many years until his own life was over. Inspired by The Tiger Guard Apricot Grove


A perfect day for Jellyfish Ⅱ


I use my iPhone to draw my artwork using only my index finger as a foundation for the mandala. The title was inspired by Salinger's book "A Perfect Day for Bananafish".


宵娘 -YOIKO-


This is a 3D work by a Japanese calligrapher. All 3D models are self-made. The character "宵" in the work was written with a brush and then drawn in 3D. This artwork is a piece of the story 'TENSO-KITAN' collection.


lines of aura-breathless pain #118



tekuteku traveler Kii


This work depicts Kii, a traveler in search of "Pika Pika," a hidden treasure scattered among the ruins of the world.


Shinsaibashi Station


This work was inspired by the lighting at Shinsaibashi Station in Osaka. Thank you for your patience! The time for the departure of Type 100 No. 105 is approaching! Passengers, please prepare for departure!


Queen of anatomy

aini feat. maroco

Queen reigned on the island of anatomy.



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