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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #05 This Week's Highlight: 9 Selected NFT Artworks!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Hello everyone! Welcome back to our "Ginza NFT Gallery". This week, we'll be showcasing nine outstanding pieces from our second open call. Each creator has provided us with descriptions in English, Japanese, and Chinese, allowing you to appreciate the artworks from diverse perspectives.

All of these pieces are encapsulated as NFTs, embodying the vibrant expressions of art along with the permanence of blockchain. To explore these works directly, tap the button at the bottom of this article or scan the XPAND Code.

The artworks we're introducing today are housed in Exhibition Room 5 of the Ginza NFT Gallery. These innovative creations from emerging artists will undoubtedly broaden our horizons and elicit fresh emotions. Please, immerse yourself in the world of NFT art.


White Nagi Tiger


It is one of the costume penguin series.




和 is a character that symbolizes Japan.


Kajin Lion #1


I drew the image of a lion as a god who controls fire. Please check out the various lions.


eat up Bitcoin

Rio(Autistic child & Mother)

A caterpillar that finds its own personal embodied dream, eats freely and makes its dreams come true. Virtual currency, web3, eat up anything! To find the future and dreams!


KABUBO(turnip boy)


Kabubo and his friends traveled to Santorini Island in Greece.







Evolutionary life forms modeled after animals and creatures. This NFT plays with reincarnation.




It's my first physical work, and it's being exhibited at a permanent exhibition in Kyushu. This work is a movie about the moment when the members suddenly fly around the planet of Suitman and chase after her adult (villain) who has invaded Kyushu for the first time, but fail to warp to the earth. I drew it like a poster of


U-san who loves camping


This is 0050-chan, a camping enthusiast. Camping with everyone is great, but today I came to a one-person camp where I can spend a relaxing time. On the morning of the second day of camping, I had a relaxing coffee break while staring into the warm fire of the maki. Ahhh, now I can start working hard again tomorrow!"



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