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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #06 Wrapping Up The Second Open Call!

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Back again this week with eight splendid new finds from the Ginza NFT Gallery's second open call. Showcasing a diverse collection centred around women, from the strikingly beautiful to the irresistibly cute, we've truly got something for everyone.

This week marks the conclusion of our second call features, and we're excited to start unveiling treasures from our third open call starting next week.

So do pop into Exhibition Room 6 at the Ginza NFT Gallery - it's a sight you wouldn't want to miss, and there's much more to come!




A series of smiling characters. Depicting seasonal events. Girls and Boys.


Mendako and a walk

Onaka Suita

A child taking a walk with Mendako.




let's congratulate The birth of them The birth of new thoughts The birth of inspiration We will continue to celebrate even if someone sells you Bless us who were born here bless me blessing!


Bikkuri_Girl #026


This is the 26th collection of girls making surprised gestures. Whether she has fallen in love, found something, or is surprised by what... it's up to you!


sweet time


Please enjoy a happy sweet time with an angel.


"Dawn of the Year of the Rabbit" ~Two minutes of moving painting~


It is a cute and beautiful dawn painting video of 2 minutes. *The Ginza NFT Gallery does not support video files. Please enjoy the video at the HEXA NFT Market, where the artwork is on sale.


Better love than AI, right?



amanemei #0091


I believe that everyone should cherish their individuality and enjoy themselves, and that acceptance of others with different personalities will lead to world peace. I would be happy if my work could remind people of their own important individuality, which they tend to lose sight of as they grow older. I try to create pieces that are fun to look at and to choose from. I hope the favorite child you will find will surely make you smile, become your partner, and take you to wonderful places!



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