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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #07 First 11 from 3rd Open Call's 41 Works!

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We're thrilled to start sharing pieces from our 3rd open call of NFT artwork this week. Many splendid NFT pieces were entered, and out of these, we've chosen 41. All of these pieces have been unveiled today, with 11 pieces spotlighted here on this page.

Every artist who passed the selection process has provided insights in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Learning about their thoughts and the creative journey behind each piece will surely deepen your understanding of the works.

The NFT artwork introduced this week can be found in Exhibition Room 7 at the Ginza NFT Gallery. You can visit the gallery immediately by either tapping the button on this page or scanning the XPAND Code.

NFT art delves into the potential of digital technology, ushering in new forms of expression. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with such creativity. We'll continue to showcase contemporary pieces at the Ginza NFT Gallery.

Stay tuned for more pieces from the 3rd open call next week. Enjoy the art!


Cherry Eating Mornings


GM! Spring is over and it looks like summer will be here soon. It's a little cold this morning, but I'm in a good mood after eating three of my favorite cherries. Let's take a different path today and discover something new.


Scent Of Summer


Lilies blooming from early summer to summer. When I visited the lily garden, I painted the lilies that were placed in the resting area with a digital watercolor touch. Why not visually experience the scent of seasonal flowers? ☆


彩波~Ayanami~Coloring Waves


It is a modern ukiyo-e created by fusing colors with the ukiyo-e of waves born in Japan.


Road to NFT

Pix ta01

It will be a work that depicts the road from paintings from here to NFT of digital art.







I try to create pictures that are rich in color and expressive. "I would be very happy if the people who saw it felt something."


Comme vous le sentez#3


This piece is designed to be perceived and felt differently by each viewer, so I would be happy if everyone enjoys it in their own way.




"POLA" means pattern in Indonesian and "ALAM" means nature. This collection is based on nature motifs such as plants and trees, and looks like batik, a traditional Indonesian cloth. A beautiful cherry blossom motif is depicted in a detailed pattern.


Ambitious flowers

Aya Fukumoto

In this day and age, there are many people who cannot take action even if they have something on their mind.In order for such people to have hope and move forward, I made it with the image of a goddess who symbolizes those who push their backs.




I wonder if she cried Like a flower falling and overflowing If so, is it really sorrow? I don't know. Did she choose not to pass away? Did I sing? As the bird that saw the dragon sang As I am there She does not understand. She held out her hand to you, hoping you would not go If so, is it really love? The "HANA-ANA"(flower hole )born here




The title of this work is "Lie". Let's cut out a part of sunny and vivid life and post it on SNS. A small part of it seems to mirror your entire life. Can you see what's behind the colors?



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