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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #08 Showcasing 10 Diverse Pieces from Our Third Open Call

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

This week, we are thrilled to introduce you to another set of 10 distinctive pieces from our third open call, here at the Ginza NFT Gallery. Each one reflects the unique passion and creativity of their creators, across a range of styles and techniques.

We've also been given explanations for each piece by their creators in English, Japanese, and Chinese. This gives you the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the thoughts and creative process behind each piece from various perspectives.

Accessing the "Ginza NFT Gallery" couldn't be easier. Simply tap the button on this page or scan the XPAND Code, and you'll find yourself stepping into the gallery. The pieces we've selected this week can all be found in Exhibition Room 8.

These works, brimming with diversity and deep insight, are truly worth a look. Stay tuned as we continue to showcase these carefully selected pieces each week at the Ginza NFT Gallery.




An illustration of a retro radio and flowers.


Mechanical People NFT #009

Seven Yusuke





LEOPIYO Journey First


I feel like traveling somewhere nice with my big carry-on case. Leave your carry-on case on the road!




This is a piece created through a combination of hand-drawing and AI. I crafted the expressions and background by hand, and then used AI to make edits and additions, resulting in a piece of art that could not have been achieved with hand-drawing alone.


Neko Girl


A dream world overflowing with the things Neko Girl loves.


leopard gecko holiday


Leopard gecko pixel art. It is an NFT that allows you to enjoy various morphs and backgrounds. Leopard gecko has many morphs because it makes me want to collect I would be happy if you could welcome and collect them at NFT and enjoy them.


TP magome #057 sword of justice


The legendary holy sword that I finally got my hands on. The sword of justice that cuts through all evil. Ah! I'm looking forward to it! I can't wait to hear their death agony!




"SUSHI GIRLS" celebrates its 1st anniversary The 2nd live tour to commemorate the 1st anniversary has been decided! Mitsuko-san and Dorothy-san, who are in perfect sync with each other, are taking flyer photos!


Ankylosaurus PRBL【IkimonoMuseum041】


【Ankylosaurus magniventris]】The characteristic armor that covered the body from head to tail had a hollow structure and was lighter than it appeared. It is quite a combative herbivorous dinosaur that uses a mass of bones at the tip of its tail as a striking weapon. [Ikimono Museum] develops illustration works centered on paleontology using six basic colors that are likened to the rainbow flag.



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