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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #11 Showcasing a Selection of 9 NFT Arts from our 4th Open Call

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

This week marks our first showcase from the fourth open call. As per usual, we have selected 40 pieces, and the competition was intense with an acceptance rate of 1 in 5. We saw a plethora of applications from all over the world and would like to extend our gratitude to every creator who participated.

Today, we present nine pieces that stand out for their powerful messages. Each creator has kindly provided descriptions in English, Japanese, and Chinese, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of their works, transcending language barriers.

Viewing the Ginza NFT Gallery is easy. Simply tap the button on this page or scan the XPAND Code. This week's featured pieces are housed in Room 11 of our gallery. Moreover, some works are best expressed in their original video formats. To fully enjoy the charm of these pieces, we encourage you to tap on each title and view the original NFT artwork.

We encourage you to discover your personal favourites. We hope these pieces paint new landscapes in your mind and serve as a bridge connecting you with the world. Please look forward to our next update on Ginza NFT Gallery.


What we see in our eyes


Is the world we see in our eyes true?




Art x Fashion x Tech

[Indulgence] is a special release piece that marks the start of digital exhibitions of [ze Luna] around the globe, as it continues to work with galleries that push the forefront for change and adoption of digital & crypto art - so as to bring the art collection to a wider audience around the globe.

Reconciliation. Mediation. Negotiation. Reinvention.

Oscillating between latent notions of past & present, old & new. Materializing new-age sensibilities.

Welcome to [ze Luna].


Unwilling to see


Not seeing what needs to be seen. It can't be helped, there's nothing that can be done.


Into a new dimension

Loyalty_Park and _paperspace

This piece is about the coming of a new age. A harmonization between old and new, tradition and modernity.

The painting is depicting a scenery of a traditional Korean royal palace and the subject is dressed in an Empress's robes. As she enters the traditional building, the skies light up in an otherworldly fashion and the door opens up to a seemingly new dimension.

Collaborative piece between Loyalty_Park & _paperspace.



Lora Popyrko

At times...when the outer World is very active, keep the Sea within, contemplate the Silence and you will see flocks of fish swimming peacefully in the supporting waves of the Universe...


Who am I

Shintaro Karino

Who am I in an online society filled with other people's answers? Such questions fill my head every day.


The Foundation



Circus night routine

The girl holds a circus in her mind every night.




This NFT represents a person running away from society with a building in the background.



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