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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #12 10 NFTs: Nature and Urban Themes

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Hello and welcome to the Ginza NFT Gallery. Today, we're presenting the second round of artworks from our 4th public submission. We've selected 10 beautiful NFT pieces, each taking either nature or urban landscapes as their theme.

These works capture the serene beauty of nature or the bustling dynamism of the city from unique perspectives. The creators have generously provided descriptions in English, Japanese, and Chinese, helping visitors from all over the world to appreciate the depth of the pieces.

Visiting the Ginza NFT Gallery is as simple as tapping the button on this page or scanning the XPAND Code. We invite you to step into a world of novel art experiences.

The artworks we're featuring this week can all be found in Exhibition Room 12. Whether they're portraying the whispers of the natural world or the heartbeat of urban life, these pieces offer a captivating view from various angles. Moreover, some works are best expressed in their original video formats. To fully enjoy the charm of these pieces, we encourage you to tap on each title and view the original NFT artwork.

Look forward to more introductions of NFT art pieces in our upcoming posts. We're excited to welcome you to the Ginza NFT Gallery.




I created a unique piece depicting the king of the beasts, the lion, with original colours and hand-drawn patterns in AI art, exuding strength and aura.





Sticker style#001


It is a stamp-like work depicting the excited back of a rabbit ♥RABIKO♥ and a cat ★NEKOMI★.


The Starry Night


When you look up... a starlit sky spans across the horizon. This work captures a fantastical scene in graphic art.




This hand painted work is about Myeongdong, Korea, depicted from a Japanese point of view. I tried to weave in vivid Korean trendy colors to create a work that gives off an intense pop atmosphere every time you see it. I'm also hope that through our work, people will be able to experience the charms and similarities of different cultures, and that it will help people to have a broader perspective and deepen their connection with the world.




Water nurtures all things well, but it doesn't try to stand on top, it flows to the low places where people don't like to be. ―――Laozi


Sunflower ~ blue sky ~

Pix ta01

The sunflower faces the earth, As the blue sky spreads, your heart will be satisfied I'm having a wonderful time. sunflowers always keep us warm May you welcome me The blue sky also provides a free and vast space. In that space, we can think freely, you can express yourself. Bright and hopeful like a sunflower, as wide as the blue sky If you have an open mind, Life will be better. With sunflowers and blue skies, Move on to new dreams.




The painting "Time" shows the dominant, this is the recognizable architecture of the city of St. Petersburg. Here one feels the dynamics, the city is in a constant cycle of movement, which never stops in its development neither day nor night, here time flows according to rules unknown to us. This movement is like space-time continuum, which turns into an endless process of movement, this process shown through the rings, which seem to be moving.


Benefits to the sun, The beauty that everyone can feel without separation.


Whether they be animals or humans, or even in the presence of adversaries, the image is of a scene where one can pause for a moment to appreciate beauty. I pray for world peace.



Tamotsu Ishitsumi

City lights on the water's surface, raindrops fall creating ripples of colour.



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