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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #15 Nine Captivating Abstract NFT Artworks!

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

This week marks the beginning of a four-week showcase featuring the 5th round of submitted NFT artworks. We have an impressive collection of 9 abstract pieces lined up for you, each exuding its own unique charm.

The creators have thoughtfully provided explanations in English, Japanese, and Chinese, allowing you to better understand the messages behind each artwork.

To visit the Ginza NFT Gallery, simply tap the button on this page or scan the XPAND Code. The showcased artworks can be found in Room 15 this week.

Enjoy the marvelous world of NFT art and immerse yourself in the allure of each distinctive creation!


A Story that Begins at the End


It would be interesting to have such a novel that begins at the end. The crown and mantle on the throne and the letter. I wonder what they mean and how the story ends.


When your soft lips touch my lips


When your soft lips touch my lips, A thousand stars light up the sky, My heart races like a thousand ships, And I'm lost in your embrace, I can't deny.


Smiling at unexpected news



Phantom Night


This is a graphic art based on a motif of a pond surrounded by trees. I have finished it with a fantastic atmosphere of the night.


curve love

Pix ta01

When the gentle and graceful curves flow into our eyes, we feel as if our hearts are floating. The appearance is as if life force is overflowing, and it brings strength to us. In addition, the curves have a unique softness, and the soft lines envelop us and give us a gentle sense of relief. Enjoy lots of love




casual thank you to you.


Pochi roller skate on Jupiter


POCHI An insect that Umeko met on Jupiter. Umeko was very surprised at first, but soon became attached to Pochi who came to follow Umeko's trip. Jupiter is inhabited by a group of pochi of various colors. This Pochi's habbit is ride a bike. Also like roller skate, the movement could feel the speed that makes Pochi happy.


Ink'z Monster


Born from ink, the Ink's Monster. Touching many things, growing up and someday going to the world of picture books.


Unfinished moon


The moon that has not yet been completed



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