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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #17 Introducing 9 Enchanting Pieces from the 5th Open Call

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Welcome to the world of the Ginza NFT Gallery. This week marks the third instalment of the introduction of artworks from our 5th open call. We're thrilled to present nine NFT works that invite you to explore otherworldly realms.

We have received explanations for each piece in English, Japanese, and Chinese from the creators themselves. Artists from diverse backgrounds are unfolding a new world view through their unique and overflowing creativity. Please enjoy the detailed introduction of the works directly at the Ginza NFT Gallery.

You can easily access the Ginza NFT Gallery by tapping the button on this page or reading the XPAND Code.

The works introduced this week are housed in Gallery 17. We encourage you to experience these works in person at the Ginza NFT Gallery.

The doors to other worlds have been opened this week at the Ginza NFT Gallery. A new perspective and a world of emotions await you.


Of Silver Bloom

_paperspace x Thyleond

_paperspace x Thyleond

A collaborative piece manifested by _paperspace and Leon D. to celebrate fashion through a bold, playful and surreal approach. To harmonize art and fashion and explore the intersection between them and through the lens of surrealism, to create a piece that harmonizes this artistic style with today's modern sensibilities.

3900 x 2193 pixels

Year of production: 2023


Ichiko イチコ


Inspired by the coming together of art, fashion & technology - [Ichiko イチコ] is the 1st piece of the [ze Luna] collection to be minted on Makersplace.

As an embodiment of the sublime, of beauty and its potency, it is an attempt to mediate and negotiate the coming together of art & science, one and the other; the result is an instance that is often defying, drifting and oscillating between latent notions of intrigue & indulgence. It is precisely this convergence that gives meaning to the piece.


SaveTheBlind_PFP_Ice golem


The one-eyed creatures in the PFP collection helps the blind to find their eye see the world. I think it is necessary to have a cool head and nerves of steel like ‘Ice Golem’ to save the world.

The PFPs are in 3000 x 3000 pixels, so enlarge the pictures to enjoy all the detailed work.


SaveTheBlind_The Ten Traditional Symbols of Longevity


It presents the 10 traditional symbols of longevity including the sun, clouds, mountains, rocks, water, pine trees, turtles, cranes, peaches, and the herb of eternal youth.




Tribute to Extreme Genius. There was a rare genius who sublimated and transformed all expression into metaphysical art. Armed with this idol (idea), a spray can is born out of the waste, changing its structure and attempting further factorization. Is it the causality of fixed concepts that is destroyed? Or is it a comprehensive parallelized future?




This work is based on the theme of Yokohama, Japan. I depicted the theme of the glamor and bustling people of the Japanese city in my own way, along with images of positive colors and brightness that represent people's enjoyment. I hope this work will inspire those who see it and contribute to the prosperity of Japan and the development of the arts.


A ring of angels will appear and ascend from the lower world to heaven...


A devil, curious about the earth, popped his head out from the underworld. He was interested in life on earth, its culture, and the inner hearts of humans. His appearance was as if emerging from darkness, his eyes were trying to find their own meaning of existence while sensing the feeling of nothingness and chaos. His heart, which had been touched by human activities and their way of life, gradually changed. And he decided to use his own power to protect and support humans. The angel ring would appear and he would ascend from the underworld to heaven...


God of Sound


You should be able to make a sound that only you can make. Paint the space with passion that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Expressing may make enemies and may get hurt. But isn't that okay? That's your soul's cry, isn't it? You should do what you want to do. But don't forget. You must not make a sound that kills people. You must not make a sound that only leads people to unhappiness. Don't forget, don't forget love. Play a sound of love and change the world.






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