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[Explore Ginza - Ginza NFT Gallery] #18 5th Open Call Ends, Featuring 9 Works on Women

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

This week's Ginza NFT Gallery marks the final round of our 5th open call for submissions. We are showcasing 9 distinctive works, each centred around the theme of women.

Descriptions for these pieces have been provided by the creators themselves in English, Japanese, and Chinese, and you can view them in Exhibition Room 18. To access the Ginza NFT Gallery, simply tap the button on this page or scan the XPAND Code.

Please note that the regular open call for the Ginza NFT Gallery will be temporarily closed. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have participated in our 5 open calls so far. We look forward to your continued support for the Ginza NFT Gallery.


Kawasaki Cherry Blossoms


"It's a sad time of year, they said. The familiar environment changes. But still, the ordinary days continue. Thinking of the cherry blossoms that bloom every year." The photographs actually taken in Kawasaki are superimposed like multiple exposures to express scenes tied to memories.


Flower princess


It's a digital art drawn by a 10-year-old Japanese boy "Chiimaru"


Japanese style 〰Love〰


I drew it with the image of harmony. In the end, love will solve everything


A girl and a cat in the ruins

Kokone Sasaki


Dream come true


Words cannot express the depth of emotion when a dream becomes a reality. It is a moment of bliss that can only be enjoyed because you have had limitless hopes and worked hard towards your dreams. And believing that your wishes will come true and believing in yourself will produce better results..Dream come true.


tomajo NFT #013venetian-sunset


tomajo NFT#013venetian-sunset is the anthropomorphization of the mini tomato 'Venetian Sunset'. The theme is 'calm'. True courage is acknowledging weakness.


QRECIA Tarot Card Collection Amethyst no1


This work of art combines the grandeur of the universe, the mystical energy of amethyst, and the mystical world of tarot cards.The universe is vast beyond imagination and holds infinite possibilities. Amethyst The stone language of amethyst is nobility, sincerity, and peace of mind. I heartily hope it will add beauty and color to your life. This illustration is a collaboration of AI and hand painting.


Be in full bloom

Milk tea

Bloom like a sunflower




"The Magic of Being With the One You Love Forever." Add a spoonful of sugar and a drop of lemon to your favorite black tea. Float a lilac flower with five petals in it and drink it down without anyone seeing you. A girl can always be a witch. But not everyone can be a witch. One must "believe in eternity." ----Am I a witch? I don't know.



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