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Inaugural Season-Long Digital Supplier Role in Professional Football: A First for Our Team

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In a pivotal development for the sports technology industry, our team is proud to announce our inaugural season-long role as a Digital Supplier. This considerable shift towards longer partnerships highlights our commitment to innovation and the provision of top-tier digital solutions within the realm of sports.

Historically, we have provided our unique product, XPAND Code, to various sports clubs and leagues on a single-use basis. Each of these collaborations has served to demonstrate our potential as a digital game-changer in the sports industry.

In this journey, our association with Coedo Kawagoe, a professional football club, stands as a significant stepping stone. It serves as a foundation for potential partnerships with top-tier teams in the future.

Looking ahead, we aim to amplify our impact within the global sports community. We aspire to become the go-to digital supplier for premier sports clubs, leagues, and sports equipment brands worldwide. In our arsenal, we have XPAND Code, along with a range of other digital services that are poised to revolutionise the industry.

In tune with this ambition, we are extending an open invitation to potential partners from these sectors to join us on this journey of digital transformation. We are keen to collaborate with entities that share our vision for a technologically advanced sporting world.

Our commitment to expanding our digital supply services underlines our belief in the power of technology to enhance the world of sports. We envision creating an ecosystem that champions innovation, progress, and a shared passion for sports through collaborations with like-minded partners.


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