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The XPAND Code Won the IIID Award, an International Information Design Award

XPAND Code Clinches Prestigious IIID Award XPAND Code, our innovative product, has successfully bagged the prestigious international accolade, the IIID Award, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

The Esteemed IIID Award

The IIID Award an international award dedicated to the field of information design, has been celebrating exceptional designs triennially since 2011. Hosted by the International Institute for Information Design in Austria, 2023 marks its 5th instalment.

IIID Award Recognises XPAND Code for its Ground-breaking Concept

XPAND Code was recognised for its phenomenal contribution in the "Products and Services" category. It has been highly praised for its unique concept of bridging the gap between physical space and the internet, providing elegant links.

The Celebration of Success in Vienna

The award ceremony took place on 26th May in Vienna, Austria. The festivities will continue through to the autumn of 2023, and into 2025, with a travelling exhibition of award-winning works to be showcased around the globe.

Forward Momentum: Future Endeavours Following the Award Success

This esteemed award serves as a significant stepping stone, fuelling our ambitions to expand the use of XPAND Code on a global scale.


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